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The VCS Graphics Editor (VCS GE) is an open source, LGPL, software application that allows Atari VCS (2600) homebrew developers to design complex graphics.

Platform Independence
VCS GE uses the shape and color capabilities of Sun Microsystems Java2D API and the Graphics Layer Framework (GLF). As the VCS Graphics Editor is written completely in Pure Java, the application should run on any operating system that supports Java 1.4.2 or higher. The developer of the VCS GE intends for it to be delivered through Java Web Start.

The VCS GE will provide support for a number of color and geometry authoring tools. Visit the Developer Site for screenshots.

  • NTSC, PAL, and SECAM color palettes
  • Multi-line color select
  • Closed and open shapes
    (Pencil, Path, Ellipse, and Rectangle)
  • Filled shapes
    (Filled Polygon, Filled Ellipse, and Filled Rectangle)
  • Copy and Stamp
  • Text and Text Paths
  • 1 to 12 Byte Sprites
  • Repeating, Reflected, and Assymetric Playfields
  • Scrolling Playfields
    (Horizontal and Vertical)
Last Updated: Feb. 7, 2005
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